Talent Acquisition

Unleash your talent with our production house, where your creativity can thrive to its worth. Bring your unique narratives and let them blossom. Get your dreams the right recognition!

Recruiting Creatives

Join our vibrant production house, committed to nurturing diverse talents. We believe in creating a collaborative and creative environment that ensures success across various aspects of filmmaking. Whether you're an experienced professional or a fresh talent from any background, we welcome you to embark on this cinematic journey with us. In our inclusive space, we value potential over experience, providing opportunities for those whose talent might remain below their worth due to a lack of industry exposure or financial resources. Apply by completing the audition form below for a chance to be recruited for our upcoming films.

What we're seeking

Skills and Expertise

Music Composition

Hiring composers to create soulful and immersive musical scores for our films that give soulful rhythm to the stories.


Shape visual tales, hiring skilled editors to weave seamless and impactful stories in post-production.


Bring characters to life, seeking versatile actors to convey emotions and captivate audiences on-screen.


Craft compelling narratives, seeking wordsmiths who breathe life into captivating stories for our films.


Capture visual poetry, seeking skilled cinematographers to paint vibrant and compelling images for our productions.

Production Design

Craft visual worlds, hiring designers with a keen eye for detail to shape our film environments.

Submit Your Audition Details

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